29 November 2016

Rainforest birds

The subtropical Queensland rainforest is an incredibly rich and diverse natural environment.
The canopy is very dense allowing for little light to reach the bottom floor: a photographic challenge.
This time I tried to capture some birds even tho I insisted on using manual focus lenses.
I missed a lot of great images as the birds fly around randomly in tight places or scurry erratically on the ground. My auto-focus lenses would probably have given me sharper images.
However, sometimes it's not about sharpness

The bandit_c
Kodak Cine Ektanon 102mm f2.7   1/80sec

A very elusive Albert's Lyrebird, something I have only seen twice.

Albert's Lyrebird_c
Duo-Tamron 135mm f4.5   1/100sec

Hard to spot as they strike the "tree-trunk" pose these well camouflaged Tawny Frogmouths stood still trying not to be detected

Tawny frogmouth_c
Duo-Tamron 135mm f4.5  1/320sec

I also managed to spot this baby pademelon hiding in the grass, on the edge of the forest.

Baby pademelon_c
Kodak Cine Ektanon 102mm f2.7  1/100sec


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