10 November 2016

Flowery carpets

Northern hemisphere has the wonderful spectacle of fall colors painting the leaves of deciduous trees and I often wish to be there to experience it again.
But here in my subtropical climate there is a different type of fall: flowers from blooming trees.

Jacaranda flowers bokeh_c
adapted Canon TV-16 50mm f1.4   1/400sec

The hills are dotted with plashes of colorful trees: purple, yellow whit the occasional orange and red one.  In some places the roads and parks are covered with the falling flowers carpeting the grounds.

Yellow carpet for a dead leaf_c
adapted Navitar 75mm f1.3    1/2500sec

Jacaranda carpet_2_c
adapted Duo-Tamron 135mm f4.5   1/50sec

Riding on sunshine_c
adapted Canon-TV-16 50mm f1.4   1/2000sec

The flowers don't last long: the sun and heat of the day shrivel them up to then be replenished overnight again till blossom is over in a few weeks.


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