20 April 2016

Alfresco dining

With a warm climate year-round and low precipitation Brisbane offers the perfect weather for eating out, under the stars.
I particularly enjoy the markets and urban parks South of the river where dining is a much more organic and low -profile experience than in the city itself. 

Boundary St markets_c
G.Lumix 14mm f4.5  1/6sec
I see a more down-to-earth crowd where the focus is to enjoy oneself, not parade or show off :-)
The people that frequent these places are very approachable and conversations flow easily.
The food can be viewed and the offerings are extremely varied, from all continents.

Chef's reccomendation_c
G.Lumix 14mm f2.5  1/25sec
And ultimately I see a much closer connection between people where they can mingle freely and not just stuck behind a crammed noisy restaurant table unable to talk due to the noise.

Sth Bank alfresco dining_c
Pentax-110 50mm f2.8  1/6sec
After living in USA for almost a decade (MA, VA, UT and CA) I now really appreciate how these open spaces where one can socialize and enjoy a simpler life contribute to a more genuine quality life.


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