03 November 2017

Inverted autumn

The Northern hemisphere is enjoying that wonderful time of the year where leaves turn pale, yellow and eventually fire red. In some locales the spectacle is indeed a feast for the eyes and I envy the photographers that have the opportunity to witnesses such beauty.

autumn on blueberries bush
early autumn colors in Sweden, adapted Canon TV-16 50mm f1.4   1/640sec

While in here in Australia the opposite is happening right now: spring is in full bloom. Trees are covered with flowers and some have new growths that mimic the autumn foliage.

new sprouting leaves
adapted Kodak 102mm f2.7   1/1000sec

colors of spring
adapted Kodak 102mm f2.7   1/500sec

Trees bloom and loose the petals at a fast rate covering the forest floor with flowers instead of leaves

yellow carpet creek
refitted F.Zuiko 32mm f1.7  1/320sec

leafy cascade
adapted Kodak Cine 63mm f2.7  1/25sec


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