23 March 2017

Damsels and Dragons

It has been a rather hot and long summer.
I usually stay out of the sun in the middle of the day but these strikingly beautiful insect have kept me chasing them even in the blazing sun.

Wind beneath my wings
Kodak Cine 102mm f2.7  1/500sec

Where most other animals worthy of attention are hiding in the shade or sleeping, dragonflies are most active buzzing around hunting.

Hello stanger
Kodak Cine 102mm f2.7  1/1600sec

The delicate cellophane wings are in stark contrast to the menacing looking body, certainly inspiration to the modern helicopters.
And every so often they land to rest, usually in the same favorite high spot, giving me the opportunity to take a few quick images.

Redhead stare
Kodak Cine 63mm f2.7  1/200sec

In flight wipe
Kodak Cine 102mm f2.7  1/3200sec

Almost bedtime_c
Kodak Cine Telephoto 152mm f4.5  1/100sec


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