14 January 2017

Winged predators

The fast buzzing dragonflies fly erratically in the summer heat, darting along the water.
And every so often they come to rest on their favourite patch that they claim their own.

Evening dragonfly_c
adapted Pentax-110 50mm f2.8 (freelens technique)  1/30sec

Fascinating bright colors make them very attractive although at closer look some might appear a bit menacing. They are predators snatching other bugs mid flight

Cellophane wings_c
adapted Jupiter-11 135mm f4  1/1250sec

Red tail_2_c
adapted Jupiter-11 135mm f4  1/1250sec

But what goes around comes around and themselves become meal for others.

Dragonfly down_c
adapted Jupiter-11  135mm f4  1/160sec


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