06 October 2016

From the beach

The long weekend holiday made most places swarm with people; I needed to escape and have a bit of green time instead of screen time. Luckily my favorite beach was rather quiet.

Where are you now_c
Helios 44-7 58mm f2   1/640sec

Crystal deception_c
Zuiko OM 200mm f4   1/2500sec

With my friend Melt, I walked the beach at low tide, each of us interested in different beach-combed treasures, laying low on the foreshore exploring and capturing the light.

Ibis dinner_c
Zuiko OM 200mm f4   1/1250sec

Spinifex sunset_c
Zuiko OM 200mm f4   1/100sec

And just like fishermen trying to harvest from the sea we chased the sun, instead of fishing rods we had cameras in our hands.


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