05 September 2016

Story telling through an image

I like the concept of story-telling through a static single image.
While beautiful landscape photographs do capture my attention and I often admire the location and the capturing techniques, rarely are those images remembered.
And then there are moments that are captured where the photograph goes beyond the initial visual appeal: an image that tells a story.


Cosmicar 50mm f1.4  1/320sec

These images however have limited appeal because each viewer perceives them on a different level, depending on his/her personal life experiences and cultural background.
Images that evoke a certain emotion are very subjective as individuals draw on their emotional precedents (and image memory-bank) to be stirred by the two dimensional representation of a feeling that might have experienced in the past.
To reinforce one's perception the title usually gives away the photographer's intention.

PS. If all you see above is a poorly executed photograph of an old park bench and a blurry passerby in the background, then this concept might be lost on you...

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