31 May 2016


It was sun-setting and I rushed to reach the top of a prominent rocky outcrop, I wanted to catch the last rays.
I was suddenly very disappointed when I came across this totally vandalized large sandstone lookout: names and dates have been carved into the soft rock.

adapted cine lens Kodak Ektar 25mm f1.9  1/1000sec

Upon reflection, I am now in two minds with the message behind this image: is it environmental vandalism or is it the primeval urge to mark one's presence?
Initially I was miffed to see this rock totally covered in carved graffiti: there are a few declarations of love but mainly I noticed persons' names and dates.
Then it came to me: humans have been marking their presence on earth before history, almost like to preserve their spirit to immortality .
We all have the need to belong and the want to be needed, it's part of being human. Is marking our presence the fact that we existed and a way to preserve our memory?

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