04 April 2016

Micro Four Thirds day

Apparently the 03APR is international Micro Four Thirds day.
Kind of ironic to use that day as it seems a very small percentage of the world refers to the 3rd of April by writing the date with the month first followed by the day... anyway I wanted to stretch my imagination and use an use my camera to celebrate such date.
I have switched to Micro Four Thirds about 2 years ago and so far is the only system that is good enough for me.
Minolta, Nikon, Leica and Hasselblad that I have/still do own don't come close to what I can create with my diminutive Olympus mirrorless.
While the Hasselblad was close in image quality (resolution) to my current sharp lenses, my images were lacking quality (creativity).
The ability to take a small camera to more places than a large DSLR is noted. I would never be able to go on extended remote trips with a large camera system: I just would't have the space or the strength to schlep all that weight.

In a city I don't stand out and I am barely noticed with my small camera that looks like something from the point-and-shoot of film days. People don't freeze up and become self conscious when I fiddle with my swivel screen viewfinder unaware that I am actually taking a candid image of them. I look more like a tourist than a photographer :-)

There are so many more advantages for me to use a smaller camera and since the sharpness and results way exceed my expectations I see no point in the so-called "upgrading" to something a bit more... professional?  I am have been there: professional is a hype created by the lack of skills where I thought having the ultimate tool will lead to better images. How fool of me to think that: the professional cameras I used did nothing to my skills and imagination. Freedom of movement, ability to play unrestricted has however changed the way I create images.

So on the 03APR I went out and took a lot of images. But the one I like the best comes from a refitted lens from an old 110-film pocket camera, placed it in a PVC fitting.
Happy Micro Four Third day.

Zorro on fire_c
refitted 26mm f2 from a Canon 110ED


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