22 March 2016

Measuring up

To a photographer friend of mine celebrating his 60th birthday I wrote:

"I am obsessively adapting old crappy glass to fit my Olympus cameras and my images are getting more and more fuzzy.
 But hey, ​I never saw more creativity in me than now, using crippled and technically imperfect lenses.  Something about mellowing out and looking deeper in me to reach a level of expression that I always regarded as girly?
Heck, getting old I no longer am concerned about measuring up with the crowd that likes to measure and I am letting loose of convention."

These days I am more concerned with quality images rather then image quality :-)
Fuzzy lenses and weird swirls, in the woods.

Fern swirl_BW_c
Kodak Ektar 25mm f1.9  1/20sec

Tiny mushrooms on Ektar_c
Kodak Ektar 25mm f1.9  1/40sec

Tiny mushrooms on Ektar_2_c
Kodak Ektar 25mm f1.9  1/80sec

Lichen on fence post_bw_c
Kodak Ektar 25mm f1.9    1/3200sec


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