26 February 2016

Real and fake

I have a thing for vintage lenses; they often render the images in a peculiar way.
Once I get to know the "faults" of an old lens I can use it to create a particular look that I can not with my modern super sharp auto-focus lenses. Or can I?
Maybe it's true if I consider not working on an image in post production but I wanted to try if one razor-sharp picture could be "detuned" to make it look as it was taken on a simple optical design.

Using two lenses of similar focal length, one 50 years old one modern, I chose a fast moving subject with plenty of detail and texture surrounding the main focal point.
I wanted a swirly out of focus effect typical of some old lenses, Petzval leading the bunch but the effect too strong (and expensive) for my taste.

Sunday rider_c
Jupiter-8 50mm f2  @f2.8  1/200sec

Fast rider_r1_c
M.Zuiko 45mm f1.8  @f2.8  1/640sec

I am now looking at some other, smaller lenses that would give me even more character.
Ah, BTW...the second image of the (red) rider is manipulated :-)


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