19 January 2016

The Circus tent under the snowgums

Few shelters evoke outdoors as much as my "Circus" tent.
A Black Diamond Megalight, it is my lightest shelter; just a glorified thin sil-nylon tarp shaped into a pyramid.

High country camp in snowgum grove_c
G-Lumix 14mm f2.5  @f4  1/6sec

It has no floor and despite the occasional bug that might crawl in I can have a bed of flowers adorning my "living room"
It shelters me from wind and rain, and despite flapping a bit in the breeze no other shelter is as versatile or roomy as the Circus tent.

Dinner in the Circus_c
G-Lumix 14mm f2.5  @f4  1/20sec

I have several other tents that totally seal me from the bugs when they are really pesky but I don't get the same feeling of being outdoors as with the floorless shelter. And when it comes to shoulder my pack with my gear and supplies for several days in the back-country I appreciate how light my shelter really is.


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