15 April 2015

The reason

The reason for this blog.
For years I have been publishing on my main blog: Gnarly Dog News.
My primary interest was to publish my finding about sea kayaking and less about backpacking, often going deeply into the technical aspect of gear and its modifications.
I have a passion for tinkering and designing, and Gnarly Dog News is my outlet to share it with others.

Sweden expedition 2014

But there is part of me that values highly the aesthetic streak I have, particularly photography, stills and motion.
I call it type B personality, where form is more important than function.
For too long I have been mixing it up at GnarlyDog News: fibreglassing and pumps with poignant images of sunsets. The two often didn't gel.

At GnarlyDog VIEWS things are simpler: a site dedicated to my best photographic efforts. No tech talk; well unless it takes a life of its own and I suddenly start to rant about cameras, lenses and such.

Lost Island storm_1_c
M.Zuiko 12-50mm (at12mm) f6.3 1/80sec  photo: Petra Ries ©

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