12 April 2015

Simple camping

Camping is part of my happiness.
To keep myself grounded I feel the need to go outside, away from my home, sleep on the ground.
A very light shelter to keep me dry and a warm sleeping bag are essentials; I try to keep the rest to a minimum to fit inside a small backpack.

Easter morning in the mist_c
Lumix G 20mm  f1.7  1/640sec

Misty Easter camp_c
M.Zuiko 9-18mm (at 18mm) f5.6  1/60sec

Away from the city and its distractions time slows down and my eyes open to take-in what the natural surroundings offer me instead. The little things that I can not notice while preoccupied with my mundane urban life suddenly come into view when in the bush.
And the friends I choose to share my outings with can receive my attention, I have time to listen to them.

Easter dinner on the rock_c
M.Zuiko 9-18mm (at 9mm) f5.6  6sec

My shelter is simple: a thin modern tepee that lets the ground be felt.
A bit of grass, leaves and bark, a small rock in the corner, are all part of my new home.

Moonlit circus_c
M.Zuiko 9-18mm (at 9mm) f5.6  105sec


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